We should remain patient as the overall crypto market dictates the pace of price movements. As a result, since the start of the year, technicals have become much more important than fundamentals.

In the world of investing, fundamentals and a price of an asset rarely move in tandem. XLM is reaching a crucial point technically. In the second half of 2018, it is not unreasonable to see all-time highs being broken. 

If you were given $2,000 tax free every month for the rest of your life, how would you change the way you live? With all bills paid in perpetuity would you finally play your talents and "work" a job you actually like doing?

Our conservative expectation is for Stellar Lumens to be valued upwards of $0.50 and closer to $1 in the first half of 2018. It truly deserves a top 10 spot. Here we list the key reasons why.

Stellar Lumens, the Bitcoin 2.0 of the world of cryptocurrencies was built for longevity and scale. We put our money on XLM to be the pioneer and go mainstream with it's cheap and instantaneous transactions.

This article asks our readers to remain bullish on Stellar Lumens which seems like an atypical altcoin. Atypical, because unlike many ICOs which are pump and dump schemes this one seems to be legitimate.

Stellar has consistently delivered on its program of work to date and in the process, has attracted new partnerships across the globe. It's already achieving its core aim: to send money cheaply and quickly.

Not much attention has been paid to Stellar Lumens (XLM). However, there are some reasons why you should, as those that know early profit the most. It's jumped over 6000% with more to come.

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