Greed is the single most important reason for investing failures. It is an emotion that everyone has and by learning how to control your greed you can not just profit more but preserve your earnings.

How much money do you need to last you a lifetime? Less than you might think. Focus on achieving the minimum before moving onto higher goals and higher sums. Save. Cut Spending. Invest.

Even though you might not want to invest at this point, simply opening a stocks and shares ISA before 6th April and keeping cash in there is a good way to prepare for when you do want to invest.

If you were given $2,000 tax free every month for the rest of your life, how would you change the way you live? With all bills paid in perpetuity would you finally play your talents and "work" a job you actually like doing?

At 49, Dean has worked hard his whole life towards a pension, paying off the mortgage, saving up to get the house extension done, and seeing his kids graduate from school. Crypto changed everything.

Stellar Lumens, the Bitcoin 2.0 of the world of cryptocurrencies was built for longevity and scale. We put our money on XLM to be the pioneer and go mainstream with it's cheap and instantaneous transactions.

A year ago, the U.S. electorate voted Trump into office. Every major index and cryptocurrency now points to fresh historic highs. Is this a bubble or there is time for the individual investor to start investing?

Mining cryptocurrencies is not worth it for the average investor looking for alternative ways to earn a passive income. Here we describe the reasons why you might be better off investing directly.

Open an ISA by the 5th April, quickly deposit the maximum amount of £15,240, invest that into a vanilla fund and never touch it again for 40 years. You can become richer than you ever thought you could.

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