Ethereum: Who Are The Big Players

December 18, 2016

Updated on a rolling basis.

J.P. Morgan – Quorum: J.P. Morgan’s multi-million-dollar version of blockchain, could single-handedly become the basis on which all future banking will be performed and decentralised.

Microsoft – AzureMicrosoft is no stranger to market dominance. Blockchain is next on its agenda and it’s using Ethereum as its foundation. Microsoft’s vision is to make blockchain accessible to everyone, just like it did with the personal computer.

Sberbank: Russia’s largest bank signed up more than 100 businesses to build enterprise distributed ledger technology compatible with the ethereum blockchain.

Accenture: Jointly with Microsoft, Accenture is building out the Decentralised Identity Foundation – a way to bring back privacy of data on identity records to the owner.

Mastercard: Clearly, MasterCard is looking to maintain its dominance in the global transactions space. The ethereum blockchain will help its ambitions to scale and protect its market share.

CME Group: The group will be launching bitcoin futures contracts on the exchange. It is definitely a pioneer in the blockchain space.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise: While HP’s motives are not yet fully transparent, it is clear that HP is looking to utilise the ethereum blockchain as a basis for commercialisation of their own private blockchain technology.

It is no secret that we are fans of Stellar Lumens. Most noteworthy is their recent partnership with IBM among other upcoming big players.

IBM – Hyperledger: IBM is by far the biggest game-changer for Stellar Lumens, having announced a partnership with them on October 16, 2017. This is a big deal for XLM as it has been chosen among all other cryptocurrencies as the means to facilitate the next generation of cross-border payments in real-time.

A lot more partnerships are lined up with Stellar in Q4 2017 and Q1 2018. Check back to see all the latest announcements!

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