Building A Future in Madagascar with Bitcoin

April 8, 2018

SEED Madagascar - School building 3 -
SEED Madagascar, a charity dedicated to helping the people and animals of the African island, have joined the growing list of charities accepting bitcoin donations. There’s more value in bitcoin to the charity than simply receiving funds in a new format however, as Mark Jacobs, their MD, explains.

“As a charity we’re of course always looking for new ways to generate income. Not only is Madagascar home to some of the poorest people on the planet, with 92% of its population living below the poverty line of $2 a day and as many as 4 in 10 children in rural areas dying before the age of five from easily preventable diseases such as diarrhoea, but there’s the added complexity that the island is home to an incredible array of vulnerable animal and plant species. To help, through projects ranging from school building to lemur counting, of course takes money and to fulfil our objectives it’s vital that we’re as accessible and inclusive as possible and embrace modern technology. We see bitcoin as an important step in fulfilling this mission. Whilst bitcoin allows us to widen the net as to how we can receive donations, we see a far broader value in it.

We’ve followed the bitcoin revolution closely and it’s clear to us that many of those who have invested in it are leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs who have shown their ability to be ahead of the curve. We’re eager to engage these kind of individuals and their ways of thinking with SEED Madagascar.

Because of the fine balance between helping the people of Madagascar and preserving the environment in which they live there aren’t always straightforward solutions to the problems on the island. For example, reducing deforestation of endangered habitats on the island is vital to help preserve some of the world’s most endangered species but people rely heavily on wood for fuel, cooking and housing.

SEED Madagascar - Mahatalaky school construction -

These kinds of challenges are often solved with out-of-the-box forward-thinking and we hope we might find a few individuals within the bitcoin community that offer exactly the kind of brains we need to build a sustainable future for Madagascar.”

If you feel you have something to offer SEED Madagascar, whether as a bitcoin donation, a volunteer placement or simply a few ideas please visit their website at or contact them directly on +44(0)20 8960 6629 or

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