A Response To Vlad Zamfir’s Tweet

March 12, 2017

Vitalik, similar to Satoshi (founder of Bitcoin) created Ethereum with a vision to fully decentralise the current socio-economic system worldwide. His main tool is an unconventional and self-regulating code that provides ultimate security for all, free from external manipulation. And the end result? A borderless global society thriving in an ecosystem of democratically-agreed contract terms accessible to all without prejudice.

As you can tell, this is a very ambitious project. A game changer. A place where the bold innovate and recognise that their work is “absolutely necessary” in order to challenge the status quo.

True, nothing is “mature” from the beginning. No journey runs its course without its fair share of adversities. 9 times out of 10, success is born out of failure. But you can’t change the very fundamentals on which your vision “relies on” whilst still in its early stages of development.

Let this opening statement be a “mission critical” reminder for Vlad Zamfir, a self-professed “absurdist troll” who made the following claim:

“Ethereum isn’t safe or scalable. It is immature experimental tech. Don’t rely on it

for mission critical apps unless absolutely necessary!”

One of the risks of posting on Twitter is that you are limited to expressing your thoughts in the space of 140 characters. Any multitude of interpretations of tone, language and content is possible and what resulted was a case of widespread concern from the Ethereum community both for him and the future of Ethereum.

He gracefully but clumsily followed up with a response driven immaturely and experimentally by emotion and stress rather than substance and rational clarification. Emotional appeals work; that’s how Trump got into office. But let this be a reminder to those that appeal to the public that despite freedom of speech, they should be accountable and responsible for the claims that they make.

It is selfish and contradictory to dump emotional diarrhoea on the Ethereum community but then backtrack and say “I don’t say all this because I want your sympathy…So don’t feel sorry for me – I have it really, really good.” Vlad may have it really, really good but the rest of us who have put trust and faith in Ethereum are left high and dry wondering what to expect next.

Does this mean we should abandon Ethereum?

Are we wasting our time?

Why is this the first time we have heard this and why from Vlad?

Does Vlad know something we don’t?

We should be believing him…right?

Why are big names like MicrosoftJ.P. Morgan and Intel committing themselves to an alliance then?

It is premature of Vlad to be denying the right of Ethereum to thrive and fulfil its potential given its infancy. It harks back to the Newsweek article dating back to 1995 titled “The Internet? Bah!” where author Clifford Stoll makes some big claims about how the internet would be doomed to failure. “The truth is no online database will replace your daily newspaper…and no computer network will change the way government works…Uh, sure,” he said.


The internet has been life-changing and used for a variety of purposes. That will be the case for Ethereum as well and we shouldn’t be afraid of it.

Vlad is unnecessarily putting the weight of the world on his shoulders. It is untrue that euphoria and the growing popularity of Ethereum will rest on his plate. With demand comes supply, and the more support Ethereum gets, the more responsibility will be shared among the community.

Neither should we be denying investors in Ether, who Vlad thinks are offensive and inappropriately claims that they are involved in a euphoric ‘circlejerk’. We know what’s more offensive here. What is wrong with those who believe in Ether? Why have a personal agenda against those that seek value and aspire to be cryptocurrency millionaires? We believe that the price of ether is actually undervalued and far from the stage of euphoria Vlad refers to. In particular, we are proud of Ethereum’s resilience and ability to stand on its own two feet to date. The SEC’s rejection of the Bitcoin ETF hardly shifted the price of Ether. Had it fallen alongside Bitcoin’s 18% drop this would be the work of speculators but clearly there are those who believe in the long-term vision of Ethereum and are sticking to their positions.

Tweeting without due consideration of consequences is a careless and selfish act. We all have a role in getting Ethereum to work and we shouldn’t attack others without presenting solutions. It is not the time and place for one person’s emotional agenda to be poisoning the Ethereum community’s faith and trust in its success.

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