2017 – A Year To Remember

December 30, 2017

With your eyes firmly fixed on what’s in store for your crypto investment in 2018, you can be forgiven for forgetting to reflect on the year just past. Let’s say that you had $1,000 to invest at the start of the year. What would you have in your pocket today?

Let’s take a look[1]:


Price Performance YoY
30/12/2016 – 30/12/2017

$1,000 Invested on 30/12/2016
30/12/2016 30/12/2017 % Change YoY Profit
Bitcoin $951.24 $14,455 1,419.60% $15,195.95
Ethereum $8.42 $732 8,593.59% $86,935.87
Bitcoin Cash $256.83 $2,633 925.19% $10,251.92
Ether Classic $1.44 $28 1,844.44% $19,444.44
Stellar $0.003 $0.33 10,900.00% $110,000.00
Ripple $0.006 $1.90 31,566.67% $316,666.67
Litecoin $4.47 $247 5,425.73% $55,257.27
EOS $1.03 $8.15 791.26% $7,912.62
S&P 500 2,238 2,673 19.44% $1,194.37
Dow Jones 19,762 24,719 25.08% $1,250.83
NASDAQ 4,862 6,903 28.24% $1,282.37
DAX 11,445 12,917 12.51% $1,125.08
NIKKEI 19,005 22,764 19.10% $1,190.96
FTSE 7,057 7,687 7.63% $1,076.31
Gold $1,151 $1,302 13.12% $1,131.19
Oil (Brent) $56 $66 17.86% $1,178.57
Copper $2.50 $3.29 31.60% $1,316.00
Coffee $137 $126 -8.03% $919.71
Natural Gas $3.70 $2.95 -20.27% $797.30
Apple $115.82 $169.23 46.11% $1,461.15
Facebook $115.05 $176.46 53.42% $1,534.17
J.P. Morgan $86.29 $106.94 23.93% $1,239.31
Amazon $749.87 $1,169.47 55.96% $1,559.56
Tesla $213.69 $311.35 45.70% $1,457.02

Solid gains were comprehensively attained this year across all sectors. Records have been broken and fresh all-time-highs have been set.

So what can we learn from the year just past and what can we expect to see in 2018? Here are some of our takeaways:

  • A buy and hold strategy always wins no matter the sector. It is tempting to trade in and out but in our experience, this is not the best way to get rich and come out of the process emotionally intact!
  • Everyone is an expert in a bull market. There is no shortage of people, just like our good mate Harry, who will give you a recommendation for what to invest in during good times. For crypto, 2018 will see the wheat separated from the chaff.
  • Young investors are likely more and more expectant of regular double-digit returns as a result of crypto. If a day goes by without a 10%+ move, it’s as if something’s very wrong. A correction is seen to be the end of the world. Before our journey into crypto began in earnest, we invested in very traditional instruments – think low cost index funds and long-term dividend investing in our journey towards financial freedom. However, the returns from our crypto holdings have beat them out of the park. It completely rewrote the rules for us. What we need to remind ourselves going into 2018, is to hope for the best but be vigilant enough to prepare for the worst.
  • Timing the market will always be difficult. We held XRP but ended up selling all of it at the end of November, days before it shot up 1000%. Just our luck! We did transfer it to XLM, which has also done superbly, so it isn’t all bad news.
  • Mainstream media is both one’s best friend and worst enemy. The media fuels investment speculation, provokes investors’ expectations and heightens emotions. With all the talk about bubbles, it’s the elephant in the room that the mainstream media seems to have 100% certainty about. When is all of this euphoria going to end? Realistically, crypto is a very new phenomenon and the nature of its bubble is far from predictable. Rather than going into 2018 with fear, investors should choose cautious optimism.
  • Crypto has been the most democratic asset in history the world has seen yet it will also be a major contributor to inequality. People who have typically shied away from the prospect of investing in the stock market, often seen to be risky and to be best left for the experts, have nevertheless made crypto an exception to the rule. Their fear of losing has been replaced by a fear of missing out (FOMO). Buying crypto is harder than buying a typical stock, yet many have managed, which really goes to show! However, we have also seen the influential power of cryptocurrency whales to move markets at will and to further increase their own wealth. 2018 will be no exception.

And what about our journey at Empty Bucket HQ?

We started investing in cryptocurrencies in October 2016 after hearing about it through word of mouth. At that time, we each put £10,000 into ETH when it was £10 and vowed to buy and hold. At that time, we were naïve and had weak hands so despite saying that we would never let go, never would we have imagined ETH to have risen to its current levels. While we locked in a solid profit, we could have gone even further. As a result, we have learnt a valuable lesson for life.

In May 2017, we discovered XLM, back when it was $0.005 a piece. Days after, it shot up 1,000%+. We kicked ourselves for sitting on the fence not having invested in it at the time despite knowing about it. We’ve been loyal fans of XLM since and we don’t intend on looking back especially with the road to $1 right in front of our eyes.

We were glad to have discovered XLM ‘early’. Looking back, we were just looking through the ten or so available currencies at the time on Kraken. The lesson from this is that the best marketing for any currency is for it to be (i) available on the exchange, (ii) easily convertible from fiat, and (iii) has attractive price fluctuations. This seems to have been the formula for XRP’s recent meteoric rise, as well as ETH’s and BTC’s earlier in the year. We hope that Stellar will continue pushing XLM out to more exchanges and to establish partnerships with market makers to easily convert it from major fiat currencies. Even better if XLM is the means for that conversion!

Putting it all together, the team here at Empty Bucket had a roller coaster of a year. We started our site during a time when the mainstream media had no interest in covering crypto. Now Bloomberg has a team of over 100 people churning out stories on a daily basis. We soon realised that we couldn’t compete with the likes of these media companies with ‘infinite’ resources and connections.

We had a crisis of faith in the value of our site and the material that we were writing. With our motivation at an all-time-low, things went quiet with us for a few months but then we realised what we needed to do.

Crypto was becoming more and more popular but still lacked something more personal. We quickly refreshed the look of our site and recalibrated our material to share OUR specific journey with you. A few months on we’ve posted a number of all-time-top posts on Reddit, established our presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and now we’re just about to open our store to our fans. We’ve even started receiving numerous generous donations to our site from our subscribers, which help us keep the lights on at Empty Bucket HQ.

We are truly excited about 2018. At the time of writing this article, XLM had a 50%+ day after the FairX tweet saying that the Stellar Distributed Exchange will be used ‘heavily’[2]. This really proves that 2017 was really just the beginning in the grand scheme of things.

Now that XLM has moved beyond the $0.10 psychological support level that supporters worked so hard to break, it’s definitely easier to get to $0.20 and above as it already has. Time and time again, we’ve mentioned that $1 is very possible by mid-2018; it seems like it will get there sooner.

If you read more about us, you will know that our plan is to work on Empty Bucket full time. We’re hoping that 2018 will be the year where that can really happen. With crypto, it seems that dreams can come true. We hope ours comes true, and that yours will too. 2017, it was good to have known you. Here’s to an amazing 2018!

Signing out.

If you liked this article, please consider donating even a fraction of an XLM!



[1] All data derived from multiple publicly available and reputable market sources (Bloomberg, Reuters, Coin Market Cap). Numbers correct as of 00:00 30/12/17.

[2] https://twitter.com/fairxio/status/946855823153565696

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  1. Thank you for all the hard work and effort that goes into Empty Bucket. I stumbled upon the blog about 4 weeks ago and I’m now a huge fan.

    What stands out to me is your transparency. Though we are all in this to hopefully make some cash I can tell that you guys are pushing Stellar Lumens because you also believe in the technology. Not to mention, I love how you’re open and honest with gains/losses on trades.

    Your enthusiasm for crypto shines through in your writing as does your knowledge and experience of investing. You’re definitely the go to authority figure in my eyes! Please keep giving us all great content and Happy New Year!

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