We should remain patient as the overall crypto market dictates the pace of price movements. As a result, since the start of the year, technicals have become much more important than fundamentals.

In the world of investing, fundamentals and a price of an asset rarely move in tandem. XLM is reaching a crucial point technically. In the second half of 2018, it is not unreasonable to see all-time highs being broken. 

Some forward-thinking charities such as SEED Madagascar are already embracing bitcoin to achieve their charitable objectives. Income generated from cryptocurrencies is already changing lives for those who need it the most.

Greed is the single most important reason for investing failures. It is an emotion that everyone has and by learning how to control your greed you can not just profit more but preserve your earnings.

Should you pay off your mortgage or invest the money? The answer to this question may not always be so black and white. Here are 9 facts to help you answer this life-changing question that bother so many of us.

How much money do you need to last you a lifetime? Less than you might think. Focus on achieving the minimum before moving onto higher goals and higher sums. Save. Cut Spending. Invest.

Even though you might not want to invest at this point, simply opening a stocks and shares ISA before 6th April and keeping cash in there is a good way to prepare for when you do want to invest.

A number of structural shifts will arise in the near future and public authorities are already looking for technological solutions to assist in correcting those shifts. The sooner authorities embrace blockchain in its purest form the better.

Central banks will play a massive part in the widespread acceptance of blockchain via cryptocurrencies that are issued by them. We see this happening sooner rather than later, especially with platforms such as Stellar.

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